Important Notice

OPC Pickleball Club has suspended our 2020 AGM and the start of our 2020 season to comply with local directives regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic.

OPC Pickleball Club will be suspending until further notice our April 22nd AGM and our season-opening on May 1st. During these unprecedented and difficult times, OPC Pickleball Club will NOT be sanctioning any OPC events of any kind and urges all OPC Members to follow all government directives. Any public play of pickleball by any OPC Members at any public City of Parksville facility or RDN managed facility is not sanctioned by OPC and as such any OPC group liability insurance is also suspended until further notice.

Future updates regarding the OPC 2020 season should be obtained on this website and urgent group emails will be provided to all current OPC Members on an as-required basis only.


Styles of Play

Opening Day Madness!
We offer several different styles of play for different levels of pickleball players. Our drop-in play times for visiting players are generally from 9 to noon on weekdays with the time split between “paddles down social play” and the more competitive “level play.” On specific days of the week, we offer our Members Drills and Skills sessions to hone their personal player development and the more competitive Members Ladder Play where we track each player’s personal on-court effectiveness. During our season we generally have two or three in club tournaments for our Members.

Lessons and Drills


At the beginning of every season, we offer two sets of lessons for our Members. Beginning pickleball players and players relatively new to the sport benefit from our 2.0 to 2.5 lessons. After the beginning of the season lessons have taken place, we offer 3.0 to 3.5 lessons for those players of a more intermediate caliber. We also offer our Drills and Skills sessions for all levels of players after the 3.0 to 3.5 lessons have been completed.


Ladder Play


During our season we offer the more competitive Ladder Play for those intermediate and advanced players who want a little more competition in their pickleball play. We track each participant’s effectiveness and they are placed with participants of like abilities for their Ladder session.


Get Involved!

Marina and Ernie

OPC Pickleball Club was originally started by a brave band of eager volunteers and continues to run as a fully functioning pickleball club with many different facets for our Members. We are completely run by a dedicated and eager group of volunteers who give generously of their time and talents to our club. From the elected OPC Executive Committee who administrate and guide us, to the many different Volunteers in specific committees that involve themselves so that we can all enjoy pickleball together, our Volunteers are an integral part of OPC Pickleball Club. We are always in need of different people to get involved at different times of our season. We always need people with time and talents who want to be a functioning part of our club. Get Involved Today!

Get Involved today! For further information on you as an OPC Member can get involved for one of the elected Executive positions or one of the Committees/Teams and for further information on the roles and responsibilities as an OPC volunteer … please visit the appropriate link below …

OPC Executive Team – Roles and Responsibilities

OPC Committees and Volunteers – Roles and Responsibilities

OPC Financial Patrons