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OPC Pickleball Club is a sporting and social club playing in Parksville, BC and serving the Oceanside area for the 55 plus demographic. We are completely operated by volunteers at a nominal cost with the objective of providing a positive and supportive atmosphere for both competitive and recreational players at all levels.

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OPC Pickleball Club – Back to the Future!

OPC Pickleball Club season end photo, September 2019

June 15, 2021 – And it’s Back to the Future for OPC Pickleball Club!

Finally the day is here! We can play our beloved sport of pickleball once again! OPC Pickleball Club is staging a cautious and carefully planned opening of the 2021 Season. And it’s going to look different at the start.

The plan to reopen was crafted by the OPC Executive Committee. Our Return to Sport Plan is aligned carefully with the four steps in the BC Restart Plan which began on May 25th. As the Province moves forward and restrictions can be relaxed, so will OPC Pickleball Club.

  • Our first step was to gather the volunteers for the Setup and Takedown Teams to set up the nets every day. This was a resounding success, and many people stepped forward so we could fill those teams.
  • Our second step was to get our membership back to play! With the help of the OPC Executive, those new volunteers who stepped forward to form our Membership Committee organized a cautious and safe early membership renewal drive. For those three later afternoons, even the unsettled weather, the rain, and the cold couldn’t dampen our spirits and we had 120 people early renew in person so we could begin play. Those 120 people now have access to our daily online signup as required for our Safety Plan.
  • From June 15th to June 30th, Members from 2019 who have yet to renew can come down to the Park and renew their membership which will then get them entered for the following week’s play into our online sign up system.
  • Sometime in early July, if BC is able to proceed with Step 3 of its Restart Plan, the OPC Executive will re-evaluate the restrictions on gathering in order to see if, how, and when we can safely allow potential new members to join the club. If we can safely proceed, it will be announced on this website.

OPC’s 2021 season is going to look quite different than in past years, at least at the start. Online sign-ins for daily players, Covid Safety Plans, physical distancing, frequent hand sanitizing, mask-wearing while on the sidelines waiting for a court, and gathering restrictions will all be the order of the day as we return to adult recreational sport.  Please be patient with each other, and with the OPC volunteers who have worked very hard to bring our 2021 season to life.

As BC moves forward in the expected stages of its Restart Plan, we are hopeful that restrictions can be relaxed to the point where OPC can expand our times of play and offer some of the previous styles of play like level play and drills and skills, but we must start slowly. Be kind, be calm, be safe.

If you are on the online sign up list for the day and you arrive for daily play this week, please ensure that you arrive no sooner than 8:45 AM. The gate to the courts will be closed and must remain that way until the Setup Team has completed their daily net setup and readied the courts for play. The gates will be opened as soon as possible, but no later than 9 AM. Initial Club play times will be 9 AM to 12 noon. As restrictions relax and we can safely expand our membership we will expand our permitted times to the permitted 8 AM to 2 PM.

We will be starting low and slow at the beginning. Low in the number of players to ensure we remain under the daily maximum allowed and slow in the style of play which will be all social play in the beginning. Style of play will be similar to the old Paddles Down style of play with one distinct difference, we must all maintain control of our personal paddles at all times. 

We can do this everyone!
We hope to see many of you returning Members down at the courts soon!


OPC Pickleball Club

Additional Resources

Styles of Play

We offer several different styles of play for different levels of pickleball players. Our drop-in play times for visiting players are generally from 9 to noon on weekdays with the time split between “paddles down social play” and the more competitive “level play.” On specific days of the week, we offer our Members Drills and Skills sessions to hone their personal player development and the more competitive Members Ladder Play where we track each player’s personal on-court effectiveness. During our season we generally have two or three in club tournaments for our Members.

Lessons and Drills

At the beginning of every season, we offer two sets of lessons for our Members. Beginning pickleball players and players relatively new to the sport benefit from our 2.0 to 2.5 lessons. After the beginning of the season lessons have taken place, we offer 3.0 to 3.5 lessons for those players of a more intermediate caliber. We also offer our Drills and Skills sessions for all levels of players after the 3.0 to 3.5 lessons have been completed.

Get Involved!

OPC Pickleball Club was originally started by a brave band of eager volunteers and continues to run as a fully functioning pickleball club with many different facets for our Members. We are completely run by a dedicated and eager group of volunteers who give generously of their time and talents to our club. From the elected OPC Executive Committee who administrate and guide us, to the many different Volunteers in specific committees that involve themselves so that we can all enjoy pickleball together, our Volunteers are an integral part of OPC Pickleball Club. We are always in need of different people to get involved at different times of our season. We always need people with time and talents who want to be a functioning part of our club. Get Involved Today! For further information on you as an OPC Member can get involved for one of the elected Executive positions or one of the Committees/Teams and for further information on the roles and responsibilities as an OPC volunteer … please visit the appropriate link below …

OPC Executive Committee – Roles and Responsibilities

OPC Committees and Volunteers – Roles and Responsibilities

OPC Financial Patrons